Customize your true omni-channel solution and offer to your customer a unique seamless experience

OneRetail features designed for your business

Omnichanel Platform

Integrate all purchasing channels with the Point of Sale, offering countless direct and 3rd party integration paths

Inventory Control

Track and monitor your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when


Protect your customers’ data and help you avoid prohibitive fines for being out of compliance.

Staff management

Monitor your employee activity automatically on scheduling, payroll, permission controls.


Provide a customized, user-friendly and easy purchase experience including direct shipping and in-store pick-ups.


Keep track of detailed customer information and their preferences on the management console


Integrate easily to most of softwares and add-ons on the market.


Be alerted and have always an overview of your business performance to improve it

Mobile order takers

Process sales from anywhere on the floor, instead of having your customers come to you. Everybody loves to be welcomed.

Loyalty program

Enhance your customers to keep coming back by rewarding them and making them feel special


Always on & Always updated : processes continue to go on anytime

Back Up

Keep your data safe with our cloud solution : you’ll never loose any data. Ever.

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We developed a plug and play solution, 100% built on Netsuite.